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A word from the Phem Queen


Being Royalty's First Lady, with promise, didn't come with a self-presentation, lifestyle, how to instructions pamphlet.

In the beginning all I had was my overflowing abundance of love and loyalty for my people and a strong desire to serve my King and country well.

As you can possibly imagine my position is merged tightly with a high demand of camera presence, posing, angles, scene changes and always multiple looks that must be delivered flawlessly within moments notice, on any set, when camera are up.

I've pretty much just gotten by with what I know, however, no one had ever actually told or taught me the very delicate craft of putting on "the proverbial game face," and what it even means and consist of. How does it concern me and my face as a girl what should it look or feel like?

And let's not get into the drama over brands and products. You know I really had a lot of questions about makeup and what I wanted to do with it, but was it all just a fantasy of a dream not meant to be?

Follow me through a crazy fun adventure here in the metaverse as I share with the world how I discover the answers to all the questions about makeup that I ever had. From the perspective of a self made artist then becoming a student and beyond.....

Pretty Me Queen Demo Studios Artistries Supplies is where make up dreams come true!💖

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